The Glow Kit Rose

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Made of high quality and genuine rose quartz, GLOW KIT ROSE is just what you need to revitalize your skin. At the same time, rose quartz not only provides radiant skin, relieves tension and reduces swelling, but also provides positive energy and reduces stress.


  • Promotes blood circulation as well as lymphatic drainage
  • Tightens facial contours
  • Relaxes the facial muscles
  • Relieves eye and facial swelling
  • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Soothes redness and skin irritation
  • Provides a rosy complexion

Loaded with genuine rose quartz crystals and filled with high quality ARI ANWA organic rose water. Regenerates, hydrates, tones and cleanses the skin while leaving it feeling fresh. Ideal on the go as a little helper against dark circles, puffiness, tired skin, redness, itching and impurities.

Product Description

APPLICATION JADE ROLLER: Clean face. Start facial roller in the center of the face and roll over the individual parts of the face outward toward the ear. To increase the effect store facial roller in the refrigerator

APPLICATION GUA SHA TOOL: Clean skin. Place the Gua Sha Tool in the center of the face and gently massage over the chin, cheeks, eyes, eyebrows and forehead. Always place the tool flat and pull it outwards towards the ear.

FOR EYE RINGS AND PAGES: Gently massage the eye area in the morning and evening with circular movements.
FOR PICKS AND INFECTS: Apply sporadically to the affected area and leave to act. Ideal as your little helper in the handbag

Gua Sha – Your natural beauty tool for maintaining fresh & youthful skin.

As ARI ANWA we stand not only for Skincare but also for Soulcare and want you to do something good with our products not only for your skin but also for your well-being. Gua Sha is one of the perfect massage tools for this. It not only enhances your outer beauty and radiance, the effective facial massage simultaneously provides relaxation and soothing moments after a stressful day.

Gua Sha Stone – The Allrounder Beauty Tool

Massage with Gua Sha stone is a traditional Chinese massage technique for face and body. ARI ANWA Gua Sha Stones are made from genuine and natural gemstones and are specially designed to naturally tone your skin and relax your facial muscles. The heart shape is suitable not only as an effective and efficient facial massage, but can also be used for neck massage, back massage, as well as massage of the arms and legs.

Gua Sha effect – Skincare & Soulcare

The Gua Sha stone is a small tool with a big effect. Facial massage relaxes facial muscles and promotes blood circulation. Especially if you suffer from puffy eyes and dark circles after getting up, the Gua Sha massage with the heart-shaped stone is the solution. It gives a rosy complexion and after a few minutes makes you not only look more awake and fresh, but also feel that way. The facial massage is even more effective if you store your Gua Sha stone in a refrigerator. This provides the ultimate freshness kick in the morning and visibly reduces redness and skin impurities.

In addition, the Gua Sha massage is also popular for its anti-aging effect. With regular use, it reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Your contours will look firmer and your skin healthier and younger. In short, with Gua Sha you can easily massage away wrinkles.

Gua Sha Massage – To support the lymphatic system

If you sit too much and move too little, water can pool in your legs. Gua Sha massage can help you with this, as it supports the lymphatic system, the body’s main detoxification system. Blood circulation is stimulated and excess fluid and lymphatic congestion are massaged out, promoting lymphatic flow. So with Gua Sha massage, you not only provide beautiful skin, but also help your body eliminate toxins.

Gua Sha application

Gua Sha application is simple and only takes a few minutes, making it ideal to incorporate into your daily skincare routine. To do this, cleanse the skin and apply a nourishing facial oil. Here we recommend our natural 24H Daily Glow face cream, which contains rich oils. Then place the Gua Sha stone in the center of the face and gently massage over the chin, cheeks, eyes, eyebrows and forehead. Always hold the tool flat and pull it outwards towards the ear. Throughout the Gua Sha application, the following points should be observed:
– Place the Gua Sha stone flat on the skin
– Pull it slowly and gently over the skin with light pressure
– Repeat each step 5 times before you start the next step
– Use the Gua Sha daily or 2-3 times a week

Rose Quartz Gua Sha, Jade Gua Sha

Rose Quartz: Stands for love and positive radiance. A healing stone with beneficial energy, rose quartz is commonly known as the healer of the heart. It relieves tension, reduces stress, provides a pure, soft skin and gives it a natural glow.
Jade: Stands for relaxation and serenity. Has a calming effect and is used as a healing stone for blemished skin and skin irritations. The green jade has a particularly purifying and decongestant effect and balances the internal energy.

Which Gua Sha stone is right for you depends on your skin, mood and personal taste. Do you want more glow, want to relieve stress at the same time and like the color pink? Then the Rose Quartz Gua Sha is the right choice for you. Do you long for clear skin, relaxation for skin and soul and the green color of the stone appeals to you especially? Then reach for the Jade Gua Sha. Also, you can use the Gua Sha massage stones according to your mood and need. Rose quartz for your daily beauty routine and jade for those relaxing moments when you need it most. And no matter which Gua Sha massage stone you choose, apart from the differences described above, both have the same effect and effective properties.

Gua Sha Massage Face And Body

Get your Gua Sha massage stone from ARI ANWA now at home and ensure healthy and radiant skin. Gua Sha works wonders not only on the face, but also on the whole body. With the velvet pouch that you receive in addition to your Gua Sha order, you can always and everywhere provide soothing moments. Whether at work, during your beauty routine, after a stressful day, on vacation or on the plane. Your Gua Sha is always handy and will also help you with headaches, back pain, neck tension, dark circles under the eyes and much more.

Additional Information

Weight 0,3 kg

1x Rose Quartz Roller
1x Gua Sha Rose Quartz Tool
1x Refreshing rose water roll-on with cooling rose quartz ball


All skin types


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